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Library Of Congress Recordings Boxset - Woody Guthrie

  • Vinile 3LP
  • 1964
  • Vedette
  • Folk/Song Writers

Library Of Congress Recordings Boxset

Woody Guthrie

€ 34,99


Side One
A1 Lost Train Blues
A2 Introduction; Family; Okemah And It'S People; The Colored "Situation"
A3 Railroad Blues
A4 His "Gang"; Home Brew; House Parties; Drinking
A5 Rye Whiskey
A6 Toasts; Square Dance Tunes
A7 Old Joe Clark
A8 Beaumont Rag
A9 Family Misfortunes; Foster Parents; Banty Hen; Galveston, Texas

Side Two
B1 Texas Oil Fields; The Root Beer Stand; Learning To Play The Guitar
B2 Greenback Dollar
B3 Boll Weevil Song
B4 Dust Storms; Storm Of April 14, 1935
B5 So Long, It'S Been Good To Know You
B6 Migration From The Dust Bowl
B7 Talking Dust Bowl Blues
B8 "Pea Patch Poppas"
B9 Do-Re-Mi

Side Three
C1 Hard Times
C2 Outlaws; About Pretty Boy Floyd; Bankers
C3 Pretty Boy Floyd
C4 About Jesse James
C5 They Laid Jesus Christ In His Grave
C6 Jolly Banker
C7 I Ain'T Got No Home
C8 Okies

Side Four
D1 Dirty Overalls
D2 Chain Around My Leg
D3 Chain Gangs; The Blues
D4 Worried Man Blues
D5 Church-House Blues
D6 Lonesome Valley
D7 Walking The Railroad Ties
D8 Walkin' Down That Railroad Line
D9 Railroad "Bulls"; Hoboin' And Freighttrainin'; Government Camps

Side Five
E1 The Grapes Of Wrath
E2 Goin' Down That Road Feeling Bad
E3 Handbill Situation; Labor "Contractors"
E4 Dust Storm Disaster
E5 Foggy Mountain Top
E6 Dust Storms And Their Effects
E7 Dust Pneumonia Blues

Side Six
F1 California - The Promised Land
F2 California Blues
F3 Jimmie Rodgers; Living Conditions In California
F4 Dust Bowl Refugees
F5 Reputation Of Oklahoma; Will Rogers
F6 Will Rogers Highway
F7 Flood Disaster
F8 Los Angeles New Year'S Flood


3 × Vinyl, Lp Box Set With Italian Book Of 50 Pages
Printed In Italy
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