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Storyteller - Crystal Waters

  • CD
  • 1994
  • Polygram
  • Elettro/Dance


Crystal Waters

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1. 100% Pure Love
2. Ghetto Day
3. Regardless
4. I Believe I Love You
5. Relax
6. What I Need
7. Storyteller
8. Is It For Me
9. Listen For My Beep
10. Daddy Do
11. Lover Lay Low
12. Piece Of Lonely


Crystal Waters (Vocals), Plebian (Rap), Greg Smith, Eric Kupper (Various Instruments), Wayne Cooper (Guitar), Gary Hudgins (Strings
, Organ, Keyboards), P-Funk Horns (Horns), Fruity Roberts, Mark Harris, Neal Conway, Charles Dockins (Keyboards), Hoza Clowney
(Keyboards, Vibraphone), Richard Payton, Doug Smith (Keyboards, Drums), David Anthony (Keyboards, Programming), Maurice Fulton
(Keyboards, Drums, Programming), David Bach (Vibraphone), Teddy Douglas (Drums), Jay Steinhour (Drums, Programming), Sean Spencer
(Drums, Programming), Tony Prendatt (Programming), Dj Noodles (Scratches). Background Vocals: Audrey Wheeler, Kenny Hicks, Adrianne
Mcdonald, Antoinette Roberson, Katrice Barnes, Novelair Thomas.
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