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News Of The World Boxset 40Th Anniversary Edition - Queen

  • LP Vinile
  • 2017
  • Virgin
  • Rock

News Of The World Boxset 40Th Anniversary Edition


€ 84,99


Lp New Pure Analog Cut
Lp-A1 We Will Rock You 2:01
Lp-A2 We Are The Champions 2:59
Lp-A3 Sheer Heart Attack 3:24
Lp-A4 All Dead, All Dead 3:09
Lp-A5 Spread Your Wings 4:32
Lp-A6 Fight From The Inside 3:03
Lp-B1 Get Down, Make Love 3:51
Lp-B2 Sleeping On The Sidewalk 3:07
Lp-B3 Who Needs You 3:07
Lp-B4 It'S Late 6:27
Lp-B5 My Melancholy Blues 3:29

Cd 1
Bob Ludwig 2011 Master
Cd1-1 We Will Rock You 2:01
Cd1-2 We Are The Champions 2:59
Cd1-3 Sheer Heart Attack 3:26
Cd1-4 All Dead, All Dead 3:10
Cd1-5 Spread Your Wings 4:34
Cd1-6 Fight From The Inside 3:03
Cd1-7 Get Down, Make Love 3:51
Cd1-8 Sleeping On The Sidewalk 3:06
Cd1-9 Who Needs You 3:05
Cd1-10 It'S Late 6:26
Cd1-11 My Melancholy Blues 3:29

Cd 2
Raw Sessions
Cd2-1 We Will Rock You (Alternative Version) 2:29
Cd2-2 We Are The Champions (Alternative Version) 4:33
Cd2-3 Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix) 4:17
Cd2-4 All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix) 3:08
Cd2-5 Spead Your Wings (Alternative Take) 4:56
Cd2-6 Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version) 3:08
Cd2-7 Get Down, Make Love (Early Take) 4:02
Cd2-8 Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live In The Usa 1977) 3:49
Cd2-9 Who Needs You (Acoustic Take) 2:46
Cd2-10 It'S Late (Alternative Version) 6:44
Cd2-11 My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix) 3:36

Cd 3
Bonus Tracks
Cd3-1 Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977) 1:55
Cd3-2 We Will Rock You (Bbc Session) 1:36
Cd3-3 We Will Rock You (Fast) (Bbc Session) 2:52
Cd3-4 Spread Your Wings (Bbc Session) 5:33
Cd3-5 It'S Late (Bbc Session) 6:39
Cd3-6 My Melancholy Blues (Bbc Session) 3:13
Cd3-7 We Will Rock You (Backing Track) 2:03
Cd3-8 We Are The Champions (Backing Track) 2:59
Cd3-9 Spread Your Wings (Instrumental) 4:23
Cd3-10 Fight From The Inside (Instrumental) 3:02
Cd3-11 Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental) 3:49
Cd3-12 It'S Late (Usa Radio Edit 1978) 3:52
Cd3-13 Sheer Heart Attack (Live In Paris 1979) 3:35
Cd3-14 We Will Rock You (Live In Tokyo 1982) 2:55
Cd3-15 My Melancholy Blues (Live In Houston 1977) 3:48
Cd3-16 Get Down, Make Love (Live In Montreal 1981) 4:35
Cd3-17 Spread Your Wings (Live In Europe 1979) 5:20
Cd3-18 We Will Rock You (Live At The Mk Bowl 1982) 2:08
Cd3-19 We Are The Champions (Live At The Mk Bowl 1982) 3:32

Dvd Queen : The American Dream (Documentary) 56:00


Box Set, 40Th Anniversary Edition Vinyl, Lp, Album
3X Cd, Album, Remastered And Dvd-Video, Ntsc, Stereo

Box Set Contains:
- Cd 1: News Of The World (2011 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
- Cd 2: Raw Sessions
- Cd 3: Bonus Tracks
- Dvd: Queen: The American Dream (Brand New Documentary Featuring Previously Unreleased Footage From Queen’s Famous 1977 Show InHouston, Texas)
- Vinyl Lp: News Of The World (New Pure Analogue Cut From The Original Master Tapes)
- 60 Page Hardcover Book With Previously Unreleased Photographs
- Original News Of The World Press Kit Featuring Original Album Pr And 7 Press Photos
- 3 Posters
- Sticker Sheet
- 1977 Replica Tour Laminate

Initial Box Set Orders From Queenonline.Com Were Supplied With An Exclusive 12" X 12" 'Frank' 2017 Robot Print

A Small Number Of Sets Were Shipped With A Misprinted Replica 1977 'Special Press Edition' Newspaper Inside: The Error Being Bio'SFor Freddie,Roger And John Were Unprinted.

Printed In Germany
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