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The Book Of Roses - Andreas Vollenweider

  • CD
  • 1991
  • Columbia
  • New Age

The Book Of Roses

Andreas Vollenweider

  • CD

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1 La Strega (Her Journey To The Grand Ball)
2 The Grand Ball Of The Duljas
3 Morning At The Boma Park
4 The Five Curtains
5 Book Of Roses
6 In Doga Gamee
7 Passage To Promise
8 In The Woods Of Kroandal
9 Jugglers In Obsidian G
10 Chanson De L'Heure Bleue
11 Czippa And The Ursanian Girl
12 The Birds Of Tilmun
13 Hirzel Acoustic
14 Jours D'Amour
15 Manto'S Arrow And The Sphinx


Harp- Andreas Vollenweider
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