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When Justice Came - Black Velvet Band

  • CD
  • 1989
  • Elektra
  • Pop Rock

When Justice Came

Black Velvet Band

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1. When Justice Came
2. As You Go Down
3. Old Man Stone
4. We Called It
5. Walking Down River Road
6. Strange Ways
7. Let It Flow
8. Seven More Times
9. The Way That We Are
10. Domino
11. We Plough The Fields


Pete Anderson (Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Electric), Producer, Slide Guitar); Jeff Donovan (Drums); Maria Doyle (Vocals); Skip
Edwards (Organ (Hammond)); Shay Fitzgerald (Bass); Steve Foreman (Percussion, Tambourine); Dave Horner (Drums, Vocals); Ronan
Johnston (Piano, Organ (Hammond)); Kieran Kennedy (Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Vocals); Nick Lane (Bass,
Brass); Scott Mcperson (Guitar); Liam Murphy (Guitar (Electric)); Sid Page (Violin); Jim Roberts (Bass, Brass); Marston Smith
(Cello); Lee Thornburg (Bass, Brass).
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