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The Not So Lucky Country - Artists Various

  • Vinile 2LP
  • 1988
  • Reactor
  • Punk/Ska

The Not So Lucky Country

Artists Various

€ 39,99


Side One
A1 Arm The Insane Fight Or Die
A2 Where'S The Pope Jesus Gets Rich
A3 Nobody'S Victim Create Your Own Rules
A4 End Result National Service
A5 Fear And Loathing (2) 44Vd
A6 Internal Haemorrhage After The War
A7 Gash The Socialite
A8 Permanent Damage Kids Play With Guns
A9 Cosmic Psychos Custom Credit

Side Two
B1 Massappeal Elitist Shit
B2 Condemned Attitude Homeless Crew
B3 Renegade Riot Squad Gladiator
B4 Aardvarks Afterbirth Army Of Hitlers
B5 Septic Saw Blades Wars
B6 The Fester Brothers Gag
B7 Death Sentence Fear
B8 Slub H.L.D.
B9 Depression War And Freedom

Side Three
C1 Civil Dissident Memories Of Menzies
C2 The Hard-Ons Show Us Wot You Got
C3 Alligator Parade Wild Chicken Farm
C4 Filthy Scumbags Lager Drinkers From Hell
C5 Utter Stench Slappy'S
C6 Bad Ronald The Tree Song
C7 Death Sentence Adrenalin
C8 Venom P. Stinger Venom P. Stinger

Side Four
D1 Vicious Circle The Jokers Palace
D2 Hard Corpuscles Ronald Is
D3 Extremes America
D4 Mental Hellth Always The Same
D5 No Control C.I.A.
D6 Be Kind To Beavers Stop The City
D7 Crucified Truth Make A Stand
D8 Psychotic Maniac Meat
D9 Permanent Damage Where I Stand


2 × Vinyl, Lp, Compilation
No Including Booklet
Laminated Cover
Gatefold Cover
Printed In Australia
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