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Alan Stivell - Before Landing Raok Dilestra

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  • LP Vinile
  • 1977
  • Pdu
  • Folk/Song Writers
€ 10,99
Spedizione gratuita oltre 30€


Side One
Hon Amser Dremenet - Our Past (Dedicated To Glenmor)
A1 Ar Gelted Kozh - The Ancient Celts 4:05
A2 Ar Vritoned Ba'Inis-Breizh - The Bretins In Britain 2:00
A3 Britons Exile To Armorica 1:50
A4 Rouantelezh Vreizh - The Breton Kingdom 3:18
A5 Dugelezh Vreizh - The Breton Duchy 3:03
A6 The Union Pact 0:57
A7 Emsawadegou - Revolts 2:07
A8 The French Revolution And The 19Th Century 4:00
A9 20Th Century - Part One
A10 Eil Lodenn An Ugent Wed Kantwed - 20Th Century Part Two 3:38

Side Two
Hon Amser Vreman - Our Present
B1 Da Ewan - To Ewan My Son 4:00
B2 Marw Ewid E Fobl - Dead For His People (To Yann Kel) 3:12
B3 Gwrizad Diffenet - Forbidden Roots 4:03
B4 Naw Breton Ba' Prizon - Nine Bretons In Jail 3:53
B5 Tamm-Kreiz New - New Middle Part 1:30
B6 Plinn - Slogan 3:05


Printed In Italy


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