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Basil Poledouris - Big Wednesday Limited Edition

Spedizione gratuita, su tutto l'usato, sopra i 30€ in tutta Italia.
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  • CD
  • 2004
  • Film Score Monthly
  • Soundtrack


1 The South Swell (Passing Of The Years I) / Main Title (March Of The Hawaiian Kings) / Three Friends Theme
2 Matt Surfs / Kaliponi Slack Key / Bear'S Shack
3 Bear'S Story
4 La Golondrina (Traditional)
5 Passing Of The Years Ii
6 You Oughta Know What I Mean, Bear
7 Bear'S Wedding
8 Crumple Car
9 Preparation March
10 Jack Surfs Alone
11 Aloha, Jack
12 Passing Of The Years Iii
13 Summerset
14 Liquid Dreams
15 Jack'S Back
16 Jack'S Back, Part 2
17 Cemetery
18 Passing Of The Years Iv
19 Bear'S Wharf
20 Matt Morning And Ominosity
21 The Challenge / Big Wednesday Montage
22 Matt'S Rite Of Passage
23 Passing Of The Mantle / Song Of Three Friends (Only Good Times)
Bonus Material
24 Big Wednesday Montage (Alternate)
25 Three Friends Theme (Instrumental)
26 Mexican Montage
27 Green Onions (Stephen Lee Cropper, Al Jackson, Jr., Booker T. Jones & Lewie Steinberg)
28 Crumple Car (Extended Version)
29 Drums Montage
30 Cosmic Indifference
31 Cemetery (Film Version)
32 The Challenge (Alternate)
33 Trailer (Big Waves)


Cd, Album, Limited Edition
This Release Is Limited To 3,000 Copies
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