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In Sanity - 360 Degree Music Experience

  • Vinile 2LP
  • 1976
  • Black Saint
  • Jazz
€ 29,99
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Side One
A1 Tradewinds 6:31
In: Sanity Suite
Part 1 - Skull Job (6:42)
A2.A Confine Of Mine
A2.B Dr. Urrutia
A2.C Sane Major
A2.D «bye» Centennial March
A2.E Separation Tag
Part 2 - Tm'S Top (4:25)
A3.A Introduction
A3.B Flute Melody («do It»)
A3.C Ensemble
A3.D Separation Tag

Side Two
Part 3 - Complete Operation (18:42)
B1.A Drum Transition
B1.B Francis' Riff
B1.C Bluiett - Azar
B1.D Sunil - Cecil
B1.E Cecil
B1.F Francis' Riff
B1.G Azar - Bluiett
B1.H Burrell
B1.I Francis' Riff, Separation Tag

Side Three
C1 Open (For James Garrison) 21:30

Side Four
D1 Full, Deep And Mellow 6:31
D2 Sahara 9:15


2 × Vinyl, Lp, Album Gatefold Sleeve.
Laminated Cover
Printed In Italy
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