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Fear Of A Black Planet - Public Enemy

  • CD
  • 1990
  • Island Def Jam
  • Hip-Hop/Rap

Fear Of A Black Planet

Public Enemy

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1. Contract On The World Love Jam
2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
3. 911 Is A Joke
4. Incident At 66.6 Fm
5. Welcome To The Terrordome
6. Meet The G That Killed Me
7. Pollywanacraka
8. Anti-Nigger Machine
9. Burn Hollywood Burn
10. Power To The People
11. Who Stole The Soul?
12. Fear Of A Black Planet
13. Revolutionary Generation
14. Can'T Do Nuttin' For Ya Man
15. Reggie Jax
16. Leave This Off Your Fu*Kin Charts
17. B Side Wins Again
18. War At 33 1/3
19. Final Count Of The Collison Between Us And The Damned - (True Instrumental)
20. Fight The Power


Public Enemy: Chuck D [Carlton Ridenhour]; Flavor Flav (Vocals); Terminator X (Scratches); Professor Griff, Brother James I, Agent
Attitude, James Bomb, Brother Mike.
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