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Phoenix Limited Edition Cd+Dvd - Zebrahead

  • CD
  • 2008
  • Steamhammer
  • Punk/Ska

Phoenix Limited Edition Cd+Dvd


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1.Morse Code For Dummies
2.Hell Yeah
4.Mental Health
5.The Juggernauts
7.Death By Disco
8.Be Carefule What You Wish For
10.Just The Tip
12.Hit The Ground
13.Two Wrongs Don'T Make A Right But, Three Rights Make A Left
14.All For None And None For All
15.Sorry But Your Friends Are Hot
16.Junkie And The Halo

Dvd-1 Anthem
Dvd-2 Postcards From Hell
Dvd-3 Broadcast To The World
Dvd-4 Karma Flavored Whisky
Dvd-5 The Walking Dead (Previously Unreleased)
Dvd-6 Broadcast #2 (Oscar Performance)
Dvd-7 Rated "U" For Ugly (Munich)
Dvd-8 Back To Normal (Munich)
Dvd-9 Karma Flavored Whisky (Munich)
Dvd-10 Anthem (Munich)
Dvd-11 Anthem (Anaheim)
Dvd-12 Postcards From Hell (Tokyo)
Dvd-13 Back To Normal (Tokyo)
Dvd-14 Anthem (London)
Dvd-15 Broadcast To The World (Osaka)
Dvd-16 Rated "U" For Ugly (Osaka)
Dvd-17 Anthem (Osaka)
Dvd-18 Home Movies


Cd, Album Limited Edition, Bonus Dvd
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