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The Back Room Festival Edition Cd+Dvd - Editors

  • CD
  • 2005
  • Pias
  • Alt/Indie

The Back Room Festival Edition Cd+Dvd


  • CD

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Cd-1 Lights 2:31
Cd-2 Munich 3:46
Cd-3 Blood 3:29
Cd-4 Fall 5:06
Cd-5 All Sparks 3:33
Cd-6 Camera 5:02
Cd-7 Fingers In The Factories 4:14
Cd-8 Bullets 3:09
Cd-9 Someone Says 3:13
Cd-10 Open Your Arms 6:00
Cd-11 Distance 3:38

Dvd-1 Lights 2:48
Dvd-2 Blood 3:45
Dvd-3 All Sparks 3:25
Dvd-4 Fall 5:49
Dvd-5 Bullets 3:33
Dvd-6 Find Yourself A Safe Place 3:00
Dvd-7 Camera 5:35
Dvd-8 You Are Fading 5:45
Dvd-9 Munich 5:24
Dvd-10 Open Your Arms 6:12
Dvd-11 Fingers In The Factories 4:48


Cd, Album Bonus, Dvd-Video Festival Edition
The Live-Dvd Is Recorded In Paradiso, Amsterdam.
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