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Bring Em In Limited Edition - Mando Diao

  • 2CD
  • 2005
  • Emi
  • Alt/Indie

Bring Em In Limited Edition

Mando Diao

  • 2CD

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Cd 1
Cd1-01 Sheepdog
Cd1-02 Sweet Ride
Cd1-03 Motown Blood
Cd1-04 Mr Moon
Cd1-05 The Band
Cd1-06 To China With Love
Cd1-07 Paralyzed
Cd1-08 P.U.S.A.
Cd1-09 Little Boy Jr
Cd1-10 Lady
Cd1-11 Bring 'Em In
Cd1-12 Lauren'S Cathedral

Cd 2
Cd2-01 A Picture Of 'Em All
Cd2-02 She'S So
Cd2-03 Chi Ga
Cd2-04 Driving Around
Cd2-05 And I Don'T Know
Cd2-06 How We Walk
Cd2-07 Sheepdog (Acoustic)
Cd2-08 Little Boy Jr (Live Boston)
Cd2-09 P.U.S.A. (Alt Version) (Demo)
Cd2-10 Sweet Ride (Demo)
Cd2-11 Mr Moon (Demo)
Cd2-12 The Band (Demo)
Cd2-13 Next To Be Lowered (Demo)
Cd2-14 Deadlock (Demo)
Cd2-15 Lauren'S Cathedral (Demo)
Cd2-16 Sadly Sweet Mary (Demo)
Cd2-17 Suffer Pain And Pity (Demo)
Cd2-18 Major Baby (Demo)
Cd2-19 White Wall (Demo)


2 × Cd, Album, Limited Edition
The Second Cd Is Titled As "B-Sides & Demos"
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